Azure VM Deployment Tool

Azure Virtual Machine Deployment Tool (AVMD)

Azure VM Deployer Splash Screen

SmiKar Software created the AVMD (Azure Virtual Machine Deployer) tool originally to assist themselves during the deployment of virtual machines within Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Environment. We found it such an easy tool to use, that we are offering it for free to everyone.

This tool takes away the majority of manual tasks (ie powershell scripting) required to deploy VMs to Azure, in a handy and easy to use GUI format.

Some of the functionality the application provides:

  1. Lets you easily create additional disks during the deployment, both standard and premium (Depending on the VM size you select).
  2. Lets you automatically join the domain.
  3. Select the Resource Groups, VNET, subnet and storage accounts which will then be deployed the Virtual Machine.
  4. Lets you schedule the deployment of your Virtual Machines.
  5. Deployment of multiple Virtual Machines.

 Virtual Machine Deployment Window

The Virtual Machine Deployment Window allows you to set the following information to deploy your machine to Azure

  1. The servers name
  2. The Operating System you want the server to install
  3. The Location
  4. The size of the VM according to Azure sizing
  5. The Resource Group
  6. Appropriate VNET
  7. Subnet you wish the server to be deployed to
  8. Whether you want it to join a domain or to remain in a workgroup
  9. Storage Account you wish the machine to be installed on
  10. Any additional disks
  11. Whether you would like to use Premium Storage
  12. VM Diagnostics extension
  13. Join an OMS workspace
  14. Apply basic NSG rules
  15. Attach a public IP address
  16. Shutdown the VM post deployment
  17. Receive an email when completed
  18. Schedule the deployment of singular or multiple Virtual Machines


Azure VM Deployer Main Screen 2



Download the Azure Virtual Machine Deployment Tool now, click here.

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