Snapshot Master – Configuration Settings

Snapshot Master Configuration Settings

To configure Snapshot Master within your environment you will need the following information ready;

A Vmware vCentre Account and Password with the correct level of access to be able to create and delete Snapshots.

An Account and Password for your System Centre Virtual Machine Manager with the correct level of access to be able to create and delete Hyper-V Checkpoints.

Email Server details, email address and associated account.

If you have installed Snapshot Master, click the icon now on your desktop

Snapshot Master Icon

The Snapshot Master setup wizard starts. Click NEXT to continue

Snapshot Master Configuration 1


Snapshot Master requires Unique Virtual Machine and Snapshot names. Please confirm that this is how your environment is setup and then click the Understood and Accepted before clicking on Next.

Snapshot Master Configuration 2

Hypervisor Settings

As Snapshot Master can work with either or both Vmware vCentre or Microsoft’s System Centre Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), enter in the server with the required usernames and passwords.

Snapshot Master Configuration 3


Snapshot Master will now test that the settings you have entered are correct.

Snapshot Master Configuration 4



If all the settings are correct, you will see the results come back as OK. Click OK to continue.

Snapshot Master Configuration 5

Email Settings

Enter in your email server settings.

Snapshot Master Configuration 6

Notification Settings

Next you will enter in what notifications you wish to receive.

Snapshot Master Configuration 7


You can now choose time out settings as well as load limits.

Snapshot Master Configuration 8



You now need to confirm the system date, time and region are correct and then the license key to be entered in. Once you have entered in your license key, click activate.

Snapshot Master Configuration 9

Regional Settings

Choose the correct Date and Month format and click Next.

Snapshot Master Configuration 10



You have now configured Snapshot Master.

Snapshot Master Configuration 11


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